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August 5, 2020

The Never Ending Story

We're Moving!

Have you ever gotten ahead of yourself? Told all your friends this guy or girl was “the one” and then had to walk back your statement after realizing that wasn’t actually the case?

Well, that’s kind of been the story of our move. We thought the situation was progressing in a certain direction, got excited, told EVERYONE, and then…things got weird. (It happens.) People kept asking about it, and truthfully, we weren’t quite sure what to say. Well, over a year after we signed our lease, we are very happy to announce – WE’RE FINALLY MOVING!

And seeing as this has been…let’s just say a learning experience… we’re moving quickly, and will be CLOSED from Thursday July 27th through Monday July 31st.

This is uncharted territory for us. Falcon has been in this exact location since we signed our lease 30 years ago! Our business has grown and evolved, and we can’t wait to see what kind of cool sh!t we make in our new home – you can find us at 1765 Greensboro Station Place, Suite 130, McLean, VA 22102 starting on the August 1st when we reopen! We are one mile – and less than 5 minutes from our current location – so we’re still right in the heart of Tysons!

Do we need help moving? That’s nice of you to ask, but we’re good. (We think.) If you want to hang out, come by either location and you’ll probably catch one of us there! Might be a good idea to call first – we’ll do our best to get phones and email up and running quickly – but moving safely and efficiently so we can dive back into the work is our priority. Once that’s squared away planning a grand opening will become our priority!

It’s a whole new adventure, guys. We’ll see you at the new digs soon. No more squeezing in for calls and meetings like this! At least not till we fill up this place.


1765 Greensboro Station Pl.
Suite 130
Tysons, VA 22102