Keep. It. Simple.

In a nutshell, that’s our design philosophy. Clean and simple doesn’t mean boring, though. It means eye-catching. It means modern. It means business.

Our Work

We will work with you to capture the essence of your brand and distill it into a design that is all “you.” The members of our design team are a talented bunch, as much imaginative artists as shrewd marketers.What do you need?

We design:

• Logos
• Identity materials
• Custom illustrations, graphics, and images
• Websites
• Brochures
• Direct mail
• Reports
• Marketing and press kits
• Bound brochures
• Signage
• Staging

Good design is just the beginning.

Good design doesn’t stop there, though.You need three more things.

You need extraordinary content.

Without content that is true to your brand, captures your voice, and highlights the value you bring to the table, good design is wasted. We work with top copywriters to make sure your design reads as good as it looks.

You need a visual brand strategy.

Imagine checking out a restaurant’s menu on a minimalist website and then walking in the door for dinner later that night to find a very rustic, urban-cowboy feel. You’ll wonder where the hell you are.

Visual branding has to be consistent everywhere – online and in person. We’ll make sure your look and feel is the same across the board.

You need high-quality printed pieces.

The Falcon Lab originally launched as a print shop, so suffice it say that if you’ve seen it, we can do it. If we’ve never done it before, we’ll find a way.

Want to find out what we can do for you? Drop us a line.